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This mod’s purpose is to combine the features of ARK: Survival Evolved into Minecraft, for you to enjoy. Many features from ARK will be implemented into this mod, including :

  • Many dinos from ARK: Survival Evolved will be implemented into the mod. All of these dinos will be tamable and rideable, using certain items from the mod to tame/ride the various dinos that will be implemented inside the mod.
  • A whole new taming feature with a GUI, both to tame neutral, aggressive or passive dinos.
  • A new way on crafting stuff in minecraft with our own player Inventory crafting system, and the smithy, motar and pestle,…
  • A Dino Dossier, which gives you information about all the creatures inside the ARKCraft Mod.
  • Whole new GUI’s to make taming/riding dinos possible! The Smithy, for example, is a crafting station critical to make the saddles, certain weapons to help tame the dinos, and powerful late-game armor.
  • Adding most weapons from Ark Survival Evolved like guns, spears, bows...

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